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Dr. Frankie Wood-Black Named 2016 Oklahoma Chemist of Year

Dr. Wood-Black was born in Klamath Falls, Oregon. She received her BS degree from Central State University in Edmond, OK, in 1984, and an MBA degree from Regis University in 2002. Her PhD was completed at Oklahoma State University in physics from OSU in 1989. She accepted a position as a Research Scientist at Phillips Petroleum Company followed by a position as an Environmental Scientist. She then became a Technology Site Manager, followed by appointment as a Technology Services marketing Manger at Phillips Petroleum. After working at a number of positions at ConocoPhillips from 2002–2007, she joined Trihydro Corporation as Senior Air Professional until 2013. A position as Principal of Sophic Pursuits and Adjunct Professor at OSU was then accepted. As of 2014, she became Director of Process Technology at Northern Oklahoma College.

Her research focus in an industrial setting has been on plant environmental compliance and air regulation, safety, and crisis management. Her work with the ACS has involved many initiatives, especially in chemical health, public outreach, and career development. Such items are of interest to all chemists.

Local Section 2014 Chemistry Olympiad Winners Announced

      High school students from the Oklahoma Section of the ACS once again participated in the Chemistry Olympiad.  The students took the United States National Chemistry Olympiad Exam, consisting of multiple choice, free response, and laboratory practical sections, at Oklahoma Baptist University this spring. The students and their teachers are:


Veena MuraleetharanNorman NorthChris Yohn
Ashu Raman
Norman North
Chris Yohn
Denny Hilterbran II
Midwest City
Leann Robertson
Kyle JacobsMidwest City
Leann Robertson
Soorajnath Boominathan
OSSMFazlur Raman
Medhi Orissi
OSSMFazlur Raman

Link: Chemistry Olympiad

50 Year ACS Awards Announced for 2016

  • Bing Man Fung, Norman, OK
  • Fred A. Grosz, Edmond, OK
  • Donald V. Hertzler, Weatherford (now Tulsa), OK
  • Arthur M. Landis, Norman, OK
  • Eldon C. Nelson, Stillwater, OK
  • Arnold D. Walker, Durant, OK
  • Richard D. Waskow, Vian, OK

If you have news of interest to the Oklahoma section, please contact the webmaster, Dr. Jim Dechter, at jdechter@uco.edu.


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